Sorting solutions for onions

Sorting (and pre-sorting) fresh, peeled, and processed onions can be done accurately and speedily with TOMRA's automated equipment. Our optical sorting machines can also be used for sorting onion rings and quarts by size.  
TOMRA onions sorting

Every Onion Counts™

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    Remove foreign material

    TOMRA's optical sorters remove all kinds of foreign materials from harvested onions, including soil clods, metal, plastic, stones, glass, and wood. 
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    Sorting our product defects

    Our onion sorting machines also eject product defects such as discolorations, damage, rot, mold, peel, core, and unwanted shape and size differences.
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    Not just quality - quantity too

    In addition to ensuring food safety and product quality, TOMRA's onion sorters reduce labor requirements, boost throughput, and increase yield. 
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    User-friendly and versatile onion sorting machines

    Our onion sorting equipment solves complex problems, is easy to use, and readily adaptable to other vegetables.

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