TOMRA RollPac Reddot and iF awards


Take efficiency to new heights

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    Designed for medium to large stores

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    Accept cans and plastic bottles + glass (bottle raiser)

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    Modular system – up to 7 cabinets 

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    1 roller cage per cabinet

Introducing TOMRA's first ever vertical compaction and storage solution: TOMRA RollPac, a game-changer for retailers seeking outstanding space efficiency and operational ease.

The vertical format delivers a compact footprint, optimizing backroom space, and increasing container capacity. The solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your store's existing roller cage infrastructure, making the bin-changing process more efficient and time saving. Compatibility with current front-end machines provides a cost-effective solution by allowing you to re-purpose existing equipment, minimizing upgrade expenses.

With TOMRA RollPac, you can save space, time and cost, making recycling easier for you and your store.

  • Outstanding space efficiency and layout flexibility
  • Perfect fit for your roller cage infrastructure​
  • Low​ operational effort​
  • Reuse of existing equipment

TOMRA RollPac - Take efficiency to new heights

  • The backroom solution made for your handling system

    TOMRA RollPac is designed with retailers’ existing roller cage infrastructure in mind. Utilizing roller cages not only makes the handling easier, but also simplifies your logistics system and provides you with a smoother and more cost-effective infrastructure. 

  • Save space in a smart way 

    TOMRA RollPac handles a high volume of bottles and cans in the smallest system footprint. The total system footprint of TOMRA RollPac is 40% less than similar solutions, so you can make the most of your storage and retail sales space. 

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    High efficiency gives you more time with your customers

    TOMRA RollPac makes handling of returned containers both easier and faster. Changing the bin will only take 20 seconds and can be done by a single person no matter who is on the job. No heavy lifting is needed. The vertical format makes room for up to 31%* more containers in each bin, resulting in up to 24%* fewer bin changes according to initial tests. This allows your staff more time for other essential tasks.

    *Data from TOMRA RollPac market test Jul-Sep 2023

  • User infeed bottle into TOMRA T9 reverse vending machine

    Reuse and reduce your investment

    Upgrade your backroom solution for higher volume and ease of operations, while keeping your existing front-end machine and equipment. The TOMRA RollPac is compatible with TOMRA T8, TOMRA T9, and the new TOMRA R2, as well as various TOMRA end-of-lane configuration kits like tables and SoftDrop.


The RollPac backroom

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Tool-free ​access​ to machine parts​

Optimized access to the machine parts makes it easier to service and clean the machine. The no tools requirement not only reduces the time spent searching for, but also streamlines the machine maintenance process, making it more straightforward and efficient.

Integration with existing roller cage infrastructure ​

The TOMRA RollPac uses roller cages as the load carrier. This makes for easier and faster handling and a smoother and more cost-effective infrastructure.

Optimized lighting​

The design prioritizes user convenience. The optimized lighting ensures optimal visibility for effortless maintenance and cleaning. 

Flexibility ​and reuse​

The TOMRA RollPac is compatible with existing TOMRA front-end machines and end-of-lane configuration kits. Enabling the reuse of current equipment and reducing the upgrade expenses.

Safety ​​compactor ​​cover

The safety compacter cover is activated by pushing a handle when you open the door. The cover ensures no fluids or other material come in contact with the person inside. Keeping your staff safe.

Integrated ​spill-tray​

The integrated spill-tray collects excess fluids from bottles and cans. The tray is easy to remove, empty and reinsert adding to the overall convenience of the handling process. 

Vertical cabinet

The vertical format minimizes the footprint and maximizes the container storage capacity. Making the most of your valuable retail space.

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TOMRA RollPac has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 and the Red Dot Design Award 2024

TOMRA RollPac won over the juries with its innovative idea, setting the TOMRA RollPac apart from similar solutions and its focus on efficiency and usability, meeting the needs of retailers.

TOMRA RollPac Reddot and iF awards

Changing the bin doesn't take very long. Experienced employees can do this in less than a minute, which is of course is a great relief for us in our day-to-day work.

Hannes Unterberger
Hannes Unterberger Store Manager, EUROSPAR Pöchlarn

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