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Welcome to the TOMRA internship program

We have designed our program to offer a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest.

An internship gives a student the opportunity to bring new ideas and energy into the workplace, develop talent and potentially build a pipeline for future full-time employees.

Internship value proposition

As a participant of a TOMRA Internship Program, you can develop individually. The program is multidisciplinary and designed to build your career across TOMRA.

You will receive insights and support throughout this program from your manager and through the coaching follow-up. You will have an experienced manager who will guide & support your personal and professional development and have specified follow-up and coaching sessions with our People & Organization team to determine which direction you would like to develop.

You will have the opportunity to establish an excellent international network, as well as work on strategic and operational projects that can provide a solid basis for a successful international career. You will join dynamic teams to tackle exciting and varied projects during your assignments but also in joint team projects with other program participants. Depending on your geographical location & duration of your internship.

You will get to broaden your horizon and get to know TOMRA. During short-term placements, you gain insights into production and sales or customer service to learn more about processes and understand our customer.

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

I joined TOMRA as an intern in early 2021, as an international student in Leuven. I was expecting to be given some busywork. Instead, I was given a challenging project that taught me a lot and made a real impact on the company. I also got plenty of networking opportunities, which I leveraged into landing a job with TOMRA Digital business processes division post-graduation.

Aditya Nawalgaria
Aditya Nawalgaria Intern at TOMRA in 2021

Available internships

Over the past years, we've had several internship students. They supported us on various projects, primarily expanding our market intelligence about some countries and regions as well as on specific topics such as sustainability and innovations within the Food Industry. An internship needs to be a win-win for both parties, and TOMRA ensures proper coaching throughout the project journey. In many cases, this has resulted in the students applying for an open position at TOMRA.

Stefaan Kennis
Stefaan Kennis Director of Strategy, Market Intelligence and Sustainability at TOMRA Food

TOMRA People & Organization follow-up process throughout the program

The length of the internship varies based on the country you are in, so the duration will be adapted accordingly.

P&O Follow-up process

Our organization in a nutshell

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What do you look for in an internship candidate at TOMRA?
We are looking for top students who believe in the importance of what we are doing -- work together for the planet and join the resource revolution. A community with a planet-sized purpose.

When do you offer internships at TOMRA?
TOMRA Food is launching its internship pilot program in two countries: Belgium & Ireland. The pilot duration & details of the role is dependent on your geographical location. Please refer to the list of available internships for details.

Will I get paid during my internship at TOMRA?
The TOMRA Internship Program is a paid internship.

Where can I find the internship positions?
All positions will be advertised at Vacant positions.

How can I track the status of my application?
When applying for a position at TOMRA you will immediately receive an email confirming that we have received your application. All candidates will be informed of the outcome of the recruitment process.

Am I guaranteed a permanent position at TOMRA in the future?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a job after your internship has ended. Previous experience will always be considered during any application process, and we can guarantee that your time with us as an intern will equip you with relevant work experience and a new global network.