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Our Strategy


Leading the resource revolution: TOMRA’s mission is to transform how we all obtain, use and reuse the planet’s resources to enable a world without waste. We create lasting social and environmental value through our products and services, driving increased resource productivity in all sectors that we serve.

Becoming a fully circular business: TOMRA is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of our products and operations. We work to embed circular and eco-design principles in our product development processes and decision-making, which includes all materials and machine parts along their value chain. We focus on circularity of our own products, targeting net-zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Safe, fair, and inclusive: TOMRA operates with integrity and fairness to be an employer of choice and a trusted business partner. We recognize the importance of creating an environment that supports our people's well-being and ensures they have a safe working environment every day. We take action to promote a work environment that embraces cultural diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

Leading the Resource Revolution and becoming a fully circular business while being safe, fair and inclusive

Focus Areas

To focus our sustainability agenda and direct efforts where they matter most, TOMRA has outlined five strategic focus areas for sustainability action. This builds on insights gained from our latest materiality assessment, which helped us to better understand where we have the biggest sustainability impact and what specific issues are most important, both from business and stakeholder perspectives.

Click on the circles below to read more about each of our strategic sustainability pillars.

Resource Productivity

Represents the positive impact of our products and solutions in use – making sure every resource counts.

Sustainable Product Design

Is about product circularity and eco-design – optimizing the environmental footprint of our machines across their life cycle

Supply Chain Sustainability

Means working with our partners to sustainably transform the supply chain – minimizing environmental impact in a socially and ethically responsible way.

Climate Impact

Is about managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions along our entire value chain – ensuring corporate efforts in line with what is needed to achieve the global target of well below 2°C warming, pursuing 1.5°C.

Employee Value Proposition

Means putting our people first and taking dedicated action to ensure high performance on health and safety; diversity, equity and inclusion; employee engagement and satisfaction – being the place where Resource Revolutionaries thrive.

More information about our strategic approach to sustainability, including the full overview of material topics can be found in our Annual Report 2022, pages 10-31.


The targets below represent our commitment at TOMRA to ensure that sustainability is embedded in everything we do. It is what we must effectively achieve to realize our ambition – to be Leading the Resource Revolution while Becoming a Fully Circular Business and being Safe, Fair and Equal. In other words, TOMRA’s ambition is to maximize our positive contribution of optimizing the use of the planet’s resources (our handprint), while minimizing our environmental footprint through stewardship and innovation.

We know that achieving these targets will require hard work, innovation, investments, and not least collaboration. We acknowledge that the journey to achieving these will require taking the first steps without knowing necessarily where the subsequent steps will lead us. Nevertheless, it is a firmly held belief at TOMRA that this is the direction we need to move in – to continue our leading position, to attract and retain talent, and to deliver the best solutions for enabling better resource productivity across a range of industries.

The targets below were officially launched in June 2022. The target framework will be regularly reviewed and reported on. Read more about current status of strategy implementation and find description of planned or initiated actions to achieve sustainability targets in this PDF, which is regularly updated. In due course, this section of the website will be updated with more information that describes strategy implementation roadmaps and performance metrics to disclose and evaluate our progress against the set targets.

TOMRA 2030 sustainability targets
Sustainability targets