Confectionery and candy sorting equipment

TOMRA's candy sorting technologies can inspect materials flowing down a confectionery production line accroding to their color, shape, structure, and product characteristics. this enables producers to eject foreign materials, cross-contamination, starch, discolored and misshapen products, and clumping. 

Every Piece of Confectionery Counts™

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    Consistent premium quality

    Automated sorters from TOMRA can detect specific sorting criteria while being faster, more hygienic, and more efficient than manual sorting, day in and day out.

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    Right every time

    Keeping your products free of foreign material and cross-contamination is critical for delivering safe products to your customers. Our equipment maintains brand consistency levels right where you want them, so every time they open your packs, it looks just like before.

  • Confectionery

    Zero Wasted Effort

    The increased efficiency that comes from minimal false rejects means you get more every time you run a TOMRA machine - saving on costs associated with rework while improving throughput and yields.

  • Confectionery

    Flexibility of our optical sorters

    Our versatile machine configurations combine the broadest range of detection technologies for your specific application needs. We offer belt or freefall feeding to laser, BSI, RGBI Cameras, and shape sort detection to exceed your operational demands.

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Operational costs continue to increase, and every little saving makes a difference.
Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to ensure quality is consistent and potential recalls are thing of the past.

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