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Make Every Resource Count


Our mission is to enable a world without waste. In order to try to live every day by this approach, we created our Every Resource Counts™ page. Find out below how our business divisions make every resource count and how you can get involved.


TOMRA's steam peeling equipment processes 15 million tons of potatoes per year
With a 1% improvement yield
That's equal to providing 6 million people with a share of potatoes per year

Our TOMRA Food sorting, steam peeling, and integrated post-harvest solutions help to maximize food safety and minimize food loss by making sure Every Resource Counts™. For instance, our Steam Peeler is the most efficient peeler in the industry, using 28% less steam than similar machines.

TOMRA Collection

Infographic, over 45 billion drink containers collected in 2022
Our Collection solutions saved 4 million tons of CO2
That's like saving 53,000 tanker trucks of gasoline
In 2022, TOMRA reverse vending machines collected over 45 billion drink containers all over the world. Making it even easier, our TOMRA R1 machines now allow customers to pour in over a hundred containers at a time, with stores on average seeing an 86% increase in containers returned, and 33% rise in consumer sessions. For example, one machine that has been in use since 2020 has processed almost 18 million bottles alone!

TOMRA Recycling

Infographic. Through our sorting materials for recycling in 2022
Over 16 million tons of CO2 were saved
That's like saving over 2 million homes' energy bills

Our recycling sorting machines allow waste to be sorted, processed, and prepared to be recycling, saving tons of plastic, aluminum, fibers, glass and more, that would have ended up in a landfill or been incinerated.

* These numbers are approximate and are to help visualize the possible impact on carbon emissions from the use of TOMRA's products and machines by our customers.

Icon save your energy

Save your energy

Unplug electronics and charging cords while not in use, hang clothes and bedding to dry instead of using a dryer, switch to LED lighting, and ask your energy company if you can switch to renewable energy (instead of coal, oil or gas). Lastly, and a little-known one — delete unwanted files from cloud storage and old emails (imagine all the energy used to keep old files that no one really wants!)

icon man on bicycle

From here to there

Bike, walk, take public transport, or even ski (if you're in the right climate) to get to work or to get around instead of driving. If you must drive, switch to an electric car, or carpool. For longer-haul travel, try taking the train, or if possible, meet virtually. Taking even one less long plane trip per year can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

Icon eat your veggies

Eat your veggies

Eating more vegetables and less meat and dairy is shown to dramatically reduce your personal carbon emissions because most vegetables require less water, land and energy to grow. On top of that, work on throwing away less food — only buy things in bulk when you either know you will eat it quickly, or if you know it will last a long time. When you throw away food, you are wasting precious resources.

Icon Put your money where your mouth is

Put your money where your mouth is

Think about buying less overall and buying things that will last. Clothes, electronics, and consumer goods are among the most harmful items because they are bought in bulk or not used for very long. Try to buy higher quality items or even better, used items, and commit to using them as long as possible. And investigate repairs before just getting rid of something. Lastly, think about where you are purchasing from — are they thinking about the environment or are they perpetuating the problem? Where you put your money makes a big difference.

Icon Let your voice be heard

Let your voice be heard

Reach out to your local policymakers, and vote for change for the environment and sustainability. Tell others how they can help make Every Resource Count. Give advice, share ideas, get out and volunteer. The more you tell others what you are doing to make a difference, the more people you will inspire.