Rethink recycling

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    Accepts cans and plastic bottles

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    Modular system

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    No batch size, just continuous feed

Featuring new technology, outstanding compatibility and an innovative design, the TOMRA R2 is unlike any reverse vending machine you've seen before.

 provides a smooth, easy and enjoyable user experience for your customers and a more efficient workday for your staff.​

Rethink recycling with TOMRA R2

  • TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine size

    The big benefits of ​multi-feed now ​even for smaller stores

    Embrace the new standard in container returns. The new TOMRA R2 wall-mount format and more compact backroom minimize use of in-store space, so more stores than ever can reap the rewards of multi-feed.

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    Say goodbye to sticky hands

    Fast, efficient and mess free. The new TOMRA R2 has no batch limit. Customers pour all their containers in at once. When the bag is empty, they just press the button and go shopping. With the new and improved drop and go functionality, there is no need to wait, and customers can get back to their shopping even quicker. A great all-round recycling experience creates loyal customers that keep coming back.

  • TOMRA R2 backroom

    Optimize operations with efficiency and ease

    Perform tasks undisturbed and save time and effort walking back and forth, with access to cleaning, machine maintenance and troubleshooting, all from the backroom. Plus, pair your TOMRA R2 with TOMRA’s digital tools for the most convenient way to stay one step ahead of recycling management..

  • TOMRA R2 accessibility

    Designed with people in mind

    TOMRA R2 was designed with inclusivity in mind. With a lower in-feed and screen, plus illuminated and tactile user guidance, every aspect is crafted to accommodate users of various abilities, ensuring that your customers can participate in recycling efforts without barriers.

Think of it as a smart investment for your store!

TOMRA R2 customers

Grab customers’ attention and increase traffic 

Experience* shows that customers are willing to go the extra mile to use a multi-feed vending machine. This ensures a great increase in drink container returns and an increase in traffic coming to the store.

A recent consumer survey* also shows that 87% of recycling consumers spend their deposit refund in the store toward their next grocery purchase, so recycling customers not only bring footfall to stores, but also revenue.

 *According to the report "How recycling habits impact shopping behavior”, 2023.

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