Color sorting of mixed non-ferrous metals for maximum value 

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    Exceptional grey metal sorting

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    Long-term yield stability

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    High throughput processing

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    Auto-adjusting ejection system

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    Multiple sorting tasks & grain sizes

Effectively sort high value metals with unsurpassed color detection and image processing technology.

COMBISENSE™ offers exceptionally precise sorting of non-ferrous metals by color, extracting additional value from mixed waste streams.
By combining in-house developed sensor and software technologies, the intelligent sorting solution detects, identifies and separates multiple materials regardless of grain size.

Long-term sorting and yield stability are ensured thanks to its FLUIDCOOL™ LED thermal management system that provides constant temperatures and uniform light distribution.  Its Dual Processing Technology heightens the sorting performance by simultaneously processing object and area information to instantly identify select materials as they speed along the acceleration belt.

With a capacity of up to 5 metric tonnes per hour, COMBISENSE™ is the perfect high throughput sorting solution for separating zinc grey metals, copper, brass and printed circuit boards. The ultra-flexible, multi-sensor sorting unit can be programmed to create fractions for wires, coins, and non-metal materials like plastics. Offering a high return on investment across mixed waste, e-scrap and metal recycling, COMBISENSE™ is an excellent sorting solution to upgrade your operation and profits today.

  • FLUIDCOOL™ LED technology
  • Dual Processing Technology
  • High resolution CRGB color camera
  • Electromagnetic metal detection
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See COMBISENSE™ in action

  • The COMBISENSE™ is a specialized high end machine to separate high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.

  • COMBISENSE™ Sorting Scheme