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Commercial and Industrial waste

We enable the cost-effective recovery of secondary raw materials from commercial, industrial and bulky waste.

Sorting systems for C&I waste

Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste is a vital source of raw materials, which can be efficiently recovered with sensor-based sorting systems to significantly reduce incineration emissions and landfill space.

The waste produced by offices, manufacturing and other industries contains a variety of thermoplastics, metals, wood, textiles, paper and cardboard that can be sold to end markets for recycled content. Our high throughput sorting units instantly detect and sort high quality recyclable materials from commercial, industrial and bulky waste.


Plastic films

Post-commercial and post-industrial films are a substantially untapped source that can create recycled polyethylene (PE) film for end markets. Whether commercial film packaging, pallet shrink wrap, industrial waste scrap or agricultural stretch films, these can be effectively separated from impurities like metal, paper and organic residues.

Our high-performance plastic film sorting units ensure high purity fractions that meet the quality and color requirements for film-to-film applications such as non-food packaging. With plastic film sorting, your operation benefits from a new sustainable source of revenue, as well as reduced residual waste and disposal costs.
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Bulky waste

Mixed bulky waste from commercial sources and households contains relatively clean and marketable fractions of wood, metals, cardboard, thermoplastics and inert materials for recycling. The automated sorting of bulky waste at mechanical processing plants separates recyclable and inert materials, leaving the remaining fractions for energy production.

Our sensor-based sorting equipment with multifunctional capability gives waste operators and recyclers flexibility to manage constantly changing input without compromising throughput speeds or high-quality yields. With high-performance sorting, you can achieve optimal operational efficiency and maximize the recovery of secondary raw materials.

C&I waste sorting machines

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