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Accelerating toward a circular future

In a circular economy, no materials go to waste - products and packaging keep their highest value and are recycled and reused as much as possible. At TOMRA, we develop technologically advanced collection, sorting, and recycling solutions to achieve that circularity.

The revolution of circularity

At TOMRA, we're leading the way in the circular revolution. By exploring and creating circular models, we're paving the path towards a more sustainable future. Our efforts have a significant global impact, making a positive difference for our planet and beyond.

6 Steps to a circular economy 2023

6 Steps To Circular

Each of the 6 steps to circularity are integral in closing the loop on valuable resources and shifting from a linear, to a circular economy. Each of the 6 steps to circularity are integral in closing the loop on valuable resources and shifting from a linear, to a circular economy. 
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Deposit return system

High performing Deposit Return Systems significantly accelerate the circularity of beverage containers like plastic bottles and aluminum cans, with recovery rates of 90% and above.
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Mixed waste sorting

Mixed waste sorting is the separation of valuable recyclable materials from mixed municipal solid waste before incineration and landfill and can help produce enough high-quality recyclate to fulfill market demands. 
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Advanced mechanical recycling 

Advanced mechanical recycling (AMR) enables the transformation of post-consumer plastic from different material streams (including mixed waste) into high-quality, ready-for-market recycled plastic content.
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Extended producer responsibility

EPR is an environmental policy principle according to which companies that place products on the market are responsible for those items over their entire life cycle – from the initial design phase until they reach end-of-life and are prepared to be used in a new life cycle
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TOMRA technology

  • Pouring full bag of bottles into TOMRA reverse vending machine

    TOMRA Collection

    Revolutionary reverse vending machines for collecting plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans for recycling.
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  • TOMRA app

    TOMRA Collection Digital Solutions

    Digital products and services that extend the value of using and owning TOMRA reverse vending systems.
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  • TOMRA Auto sort recycling machine

    TOMRA Recycling

    An extensive range of sensor-based, automated waste sorting solutions that enable the recovery and recycling of valuable resources.
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  • Man looking at TOMRA Insight

    TOMRA Insight 

    Access to valuable data that optimizes TOMRA machines, processes, and the value chain.
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