post-shredder non-ferrous metal recycling

Post Shredder & Non-Ferrous Metals

We maximize yields for recyclers with automated systems that recover metals from residue and sort mixed metals into high quality monofractions.

Sorting systems for Post Shredder & Non-Ferrous Metals

Secondary metals are in strong demand worldwide, and advances in sensor-based sorting technology enable recyclers to upgrade post shredder material and mixed scrap metal into sustainable, long-term profits. Our high precision sorting units recover metals from residue and automatically sort mixed metals into monofractions.

Sensor-based sorting systems boost metal recovery rates of post shredder residue and remove contaminants such as polymers, wood, glass and textiles. Our high throughput sorting units, including electromagnetic and optical sensors, deliver exceptional object and material detection from complex material streams.


When optimally sorted and refined into individual metal fractions, Zorba can be transformed into a rich source of secondary raw materials. Sensor-based technologies offer recyclers high throughput color sorting as well as high purity separation of valuable metal fractions, including twitch, copper, brass, wrought aluminum, cast aluminum and mixed grey metals.

Transform mixed metals into profits with our field-proven sorting technology that effortlessly separates cast aluminum from wrought alloys and mixed heavy metals based on the atomic density of an object. Now you can make the most of Zorba and produce furnace-ready aluminum, copper granulate or other high value metal fractions.
Stainless Steel TOMRA

Stainless steel

Downstream sorting of mixed non-ferrous metals using a combination of sensor-based technologies enables high quality, mixed grade Zurik and stainless steel monofractions. Whether processing materials directly following eddy current or after removing heavy metals from Zorba, our sorting machines instantly identify stainless steel.

Achieve high purity Zurik with our intelligent software-based sorting technology and powerful electromagnetic and optical sensors. Our non-ferrous metal sorting systems with high-speed belts and reduced energy consumption ensure your operation is running with optimal efficiency with multiple sorting tasks.

Wire recovery

The recovery of insulated copper wire (ICW) offers recyclers fast and high returns for their initial investment. Wires not recovered by traditional eddy current machines can be effectively sorted with electromagnetic sensor-based technology. The upgrading of stripped wires, waste cables and conduit, ensure a high value revenue stream.

Our intelligent, sensor-based sorting systems detect copper wire fractions regardless of polymer (PVC, PP, PE) or rubber coatings. You achieve higher copper recovery rates thanks to our combination of high precision sensors that offer exceptional detection of copper fractions in a mixed scrap metal stream.


Copper recycling is a vital and efficient source of secondary raw materials for global supply chains. Along with significant environmental benefits, recycled copper requires up to 85 percent less energy than primary production. Copper is fully recyclable and found in end-of-life products such as pipes, appliances, electronics, wires and building materials.

Since copper has many characteristics and color variations, sensor-based sorting offers exceptional efficiency and purity levels. Our high sensitivity sensors instantly identify copper and difficult-to-detect contaminants such as lead and zinc, even when sorting copper fines. Your operation profits from high purity copper granulate to meet market demand.
ELV machines

End-of-life vehicles (ELV)

End-of-life vehicles are a valuable source of secondary raw materials, including mixed metals. From body parts to components and electronics, sensor-based metal sorting systems effectively detect, separate and purify the various non-ferrous metal fractions found in automotive shredder residue (ASR).

Achieve higher purity and metal recovery rates with our multifunctional sorting units that remove typical contaminants such as polymers, wood and glass. With state-of-the-art sensor technology and intelligent object recognition, you benefit from high quality Zorba as well as clean fractions of pure metals such as aluminum (twitch, wrought), copper and brass.

Post Shredder & Non-Ferrous Metals sorting machines