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Municipal Solid Waste

By sorting recyclable and high-calorific materials from mixed waste streams, we transform waste into value while reducing landfill and incineration emissions.

MSW sorting systems

Today, over 2 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually worldwide and is rapidly increasing. MSW consists of everyday post-consumer waste produced by households, and depending on the regional waste structure, may include waste from commercial facilities such as businesses and public institutions.

Our sensor-based sorting technology has revolutionized how waste management companies and material recovery facilities can process municipal solid waste more effectively, thus enabling a circular economy. We deliver world-class MSW sorting systems that efficiently separate plastics, paper, glass, organics, inert materials and bulky items from complex mixed waste streams.

msw recycling


While the recovery of metals from municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) is a widely used recycling practice, Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities can also benefit from presorting plastics and other recyclable materials. Plastic recovery before incineration provides MSWI and WtE plants with new revenue streams and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With our extensive process and environmental know-how, we help you meet future MSWI and WtE legislative requirements through automated sorting systems that fit seamlessly into your plant design. Leveraging synergies between resource recovery and thermal management of waste, you benefit from a future-forward operation and additional incineration capacity.
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Organic fractions of municipal solid waste (OFMWS) represent a large proportion of the waste composition worldwide. Biodegradable fractions from food scraps, food residues and garden waste that release methane when decomposing can be effectively sorted from MSW to use as feedstock for anaerobic digestion and renewable fuel sources like biogas.

Our sorting systems purify organic waste by removing impurities like metals, glass, polymers and inert materials down to the smallest fractions. Whether your biomass product is for composting or producing biofuel, our high-performance sorting units continuously provide you with high yield and high purity organic feedstock.
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MSW glass recovery offers waste management facilities a two-fold benefit. Since glass is fully recyclable, operators using advanced sorting technology to remove impurities can sell high-quality glass concentrate as secondary raw materials. Secondly, glass recovery also minimizes disposal costs and downtime caused by glass fractions during waste processing.

Achieve the highest purity glass concentrate with our sorting units that remove contaminants such as ceramics, stones, porcelain, transparent polymers, metals and organic waste. Our sorting systems offer unmatched separation of thick, thin, dark and colored fractions of all types of glass to maximize your yields and profits.

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