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We enable the production of green aluminum with high speed and high purity sorting of aluminum from heavy metals.

Sorting systems for aluminum

Aluminum is a continuously recyclable material, requiring only 5 percent of the energy used to produce primary aluminum. As industries focus on sustainable manufacturing and CO2 emissions, the global demand for recycled aluminum continues to surge. European automotive and construction sectors lead the way, with recycling rates above 90 percent.
TOMRA is a global leader in aluminum recycling and processing with a long-standing legacy in outstanding sorting performance. Our high-performance sorting equipment efficiently separates aluminum and aluminum alloys from heavy metals.

Whether sorting cast, wrought, sheet, Taint Tabor or producing furnace-ready aluminum twitch, our in-house developed sensors and software deliver exceptional sorting results.

Magnesium & Superlights

Sorting aluminum scrap for processing and secondary remelting often requires recyclers to meet strict quality requirements, including classification of materials and magnesium removal. Our x-ray transmission (XRT) sorting unit featuring multi-density channels separates super lights and heavy metals from aluminum in a single step.

Removal of aluminum compounds and plastic compounds for furnace-ready aluminum is also automated with our high sensitivity sensor for advanced detection of super low-density objects. What’s more, you benefit from high-grade purification of aluminum scrap thanks to advanced area processing software developed in-house by our metal sorting experts.
aluminum application metal recycling

Aluminum sorting

XRT sorting technology is highly effective at sorting all types and sizes of aluminum and alloys by detecting the atomic density of materials as they speed along a conveyor belt. Whether sorting aluminum from production scrap, post-consumer aluminum cans, mixed scrap, profiles or twitch, our machines offer superior detection and fast integration times.

With our exclusive software features that provide accuracy sorting and data-driven decision making, cleaning aluminum fractions is fully automated and delivers consistently high-quality products. You benefit from operational flexibility to sort multiple application and grain sizes and reliable, long-term performance.
Stainless Steel TOMRA


Secondary metal production reduces the demand for virgin mineral resources and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. With Zorba and pre-sorted aluminum scrap, sensor-based sorting technology creates furnace-ready materials. This enables smelters to increase post-consumer recycled material to produce even greener aluminum products.

Thanks to advanced x-ray transmission (XRT) technology, our sorting units use atomic density to detect any remaining contaminants, including fines as small as 5mm. Foundries and smelters also benefit from our ultra-high sensitivity sensor that provides unrivaled separation of magnesium and aluminum alloys.

Aluminum sorting machines