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    Heavy duty and compact design

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    Maximize value by pre-concentration

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    Double sided particle inspection

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    Long-term performance stability

The PRO Primary COLOR features a heavy duty and compact design to pre-concentrate material from 50mm to 250mm particle sizes. For this larger-sized material it offers a specialized mechanical platform with increased wear resistance and longer component lifetime, with quick and safe maintenance through providing easier access to replaceable components.

This sorter uses a proprietary image processing to ensure a stable and reliable performance and unique recovery rate in the mineral processing equipment.

PRO Primary COLOR combines a variety of leading-edge hard- and software features with a flexible sorting task configurations that meets the challenges of a dynamic market landscape.

What’s more, PRO Primary COLOR comes with the option to connect to our secure, cloud-based data monitoring platform. TOMRA Insight is an add-on service that digitally connects sorting units to provide high-value data that helps you maximize plant throughput and boost output quality.


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It’s a very neat way to get those diamonds out of the Kimberlite at the very early stage of the process. We reduce our power consumption cost, we reduce our wear and tear on material.

Marie Claude Halle
Marie-Claude Hallé Marketing Operations Manager for Stornoway Diaminds (2019)

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