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Protein food sorting machines

Some of the richest sources of proteins - a staple of a healthy diet - are seafood, meat and poultry. But whether these are processed for human consumption or pet food, achieving food safety and product quality is not always easy. Which is why TOMRA offers application-specific sorting solutions for proteins.

Every Protein Product Counts

  • TOMRA Food proteins

    First-hand experience

    Our optical sorters have been fine-tuned for high-protein foods by working closely with leading meat, poultry, seafood, and pet food processors.

  • TOMRA Food bones and meat sorting

    Protecting brand reputations

    TOMRA’s protein-specific sorters raise capacity and yields. Reduce the need for manpower. Enhance food safety. And prevent product recalls. 

  • TOMRA Food meat

    Reducing food waste

    By minimizing the loss of potentially saleable materials, our optical sorters help processors extract maximum value from protein-rich foods. 

  • TOMRA seafood sorting

    Specialized solutions

    Red or white tuna; cross-contamination in dry kibbles; wooden breasts in chicken fillets - just some of our specialized sorting abilities.  

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