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We enable circularity with advanced sorting technologies that effectively recover post-consumer packaging waste for recycling.

Sorting systems for packaging waste

Whether cardboard boxes, protective films or food and beverage containers, packaging keeps products safe, informs consumers and eases transportation of goods. Today, policymakers worldwide are increasing recycling targets to prevent recyclable packaging materials from becoming waste and promote a circular economy.

TOMRA’s sensor-based sorting systems for packaging waste maximize the recovery of high quality recyclates and help you achieve your targets for recycling.

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Food-grade plastics

Achieve over 95% purity levels in the recovery of food-grade plastic packaging by harnessing the power of AI-powered intelligence. With our deep learning technology , it is now possible to achieve even higher purity rates of food-grade PET, HDPE and PP than with manual sorting.

The high-accuracy, automated sorting system utilizes object recognition to detect food vs non-food grade plastics and run multiple streams on one sorting line, creating new revenue opportunities. What was once impossible to sort with traditional optical sorting is made possible with GAINnext™.

The cutting-edge solution enables operators to meet future EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) targets, in which food -grade recycled plastics require 95% purity or higher, depending on the polymer.
mixed packaging

Mixed packaging

Mixed packaging waste from households is a complex and evolving challenge for material recovery facilities (MRF) and the waste management sector. Maximizing recycling yields for high purity fractions requires plants to flexibly sort multiple materials from a constantly changing waste composition, which varies from region to region.

With our high-throughput and multifunctional sorting systems, you can effectively separate and purify paper, metals and plastics (PET, PP, PE) from post-consumer packaging streams. What’s more, our intelligent polymer sorting technology achieves higher purity levels with the capability to detect and remove contaminants similar in color or material characteristics.

Mixed paper

Mixed paper is currently the main packaging waste materials in Europe, and as e-commerce becomes commonplace, paper mills are increasingly relying on pre-sorted mixed paper to create new paper and products. From copy paper to gift wrap, paperboard packaging to corrugated cardboard boxes, the global demand for recycled mixed paper is rising.

Our automated paper sorting units effectively separate individual components of mixed paper waste into higher value recovered paper fractions. What’s more, our sensor-based sorting technology removes a wide variety of impurities, including plastics, metals, textiles and more. With high yield and high purity sorting, you make the most of mixed paper.

Tetra Pak

More than 70 percent of Tetra Pak packaging material is made from high-strength, recyclable paper on average. The mixed-material beverage carton also contains a polymer and aluminum (PolyAl) mix, which can be converted into raw materials for the plastic industry when processed at special facilities.

Our sensor-based sorting systems deliver high precision detection of Tetra Pak containers and similar beverage cartons – even when flattened, unflattened or folded. Your plant will benefit from a highly effective separation of Tetra Pak from mixed streams, which will help boost recycling rates and deliver high quality fibers for carton recycling.
UBC - Aluminum Used Beverage Cans

Aluminum Used Beverage Cans (UBC) 

Recovering aluminum from used beverage cans (UBC) represents an enormous opportunity for material recovery facilities (MRFs) that sort post-consumer packaging waste. GAINnext™ significantly improves operational productivity and achieves 98% purity levels in UBC aluminum without manual sorting.*

Our AI-powered sorting system, driven by deep learning technology, enables the high-accuracy removal of non-UBC aluminum, such as trays and UBC made from metals or plastics. With GAINnext™, recyclers can tap into the lucrative market of high-value aluminum beverage can recycling.

*Based on end-of-line sorting processes.

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