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Single Stream Recycling

We make it easier for consumers and municipalities to recycle plastics, metals, paper and glass through our automated sorting technology.

Sorting systems for dry recyclables

Single-stream recycling is well-known for its consumer convenience and low-cost waste collection but can potentially include a high degree of contamination. The co-mingled waste consisting of various dry recyclable materials demands multifunctional, high throughput sorting systems to create high purity fractions of plastics, metals, paper and glass.

TOMRA’s global expertise in high performance automated sorting of dry recyclables and light packaging offers waste management companies and recyclers future-forward solutions to maximize yield and purity levels from co-mingled waste streams.

Glass bottles from bottom


Glass is fully recyclable and, unlike other packaging materials, can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Moreover, recycled glass or cullet has a lower melting point than virgin material resulting in significant energy savings. Automated sorting systems provide recyclers an intelligent and safe method for maximizing glass recycling rates.

Our unique combination of laser and near-infrared technologies efficiently separate all types of glass fractions from polymers, ceramics, porcelain and other contaminants. Even dark, opaque, thin and thick glass fractions are optimally sorted, so your operation maximizes yields and creates high quality products for recycling

Single stream sorting machines

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