Superior value sorter for IQF fruit and vegetables   

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    Superior FM sorting and quality sort 

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    User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)

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    Low cost of ownership

The Blizzard's small footprint is ideal for sorting fruits and vegetables after the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) tunnels. Despite its small size, this cost-effective and easy-to-maintain optical sorter packs a big punch minimizing product loss and maximizing yield before products enter the packaging lines. 
Blizzard sorting machine

Key benefits

  • Blizzard sorting machine frozen carrot sorting

    Affordable quality control

    Budget-friendly to purchase and maintain, the Blizzard offers cost-effective removal of foreign materials and product defects. 
  • Blizzard sorting technology

    Multiple sorting criteria  

    Pulsed LEDs detect color, shape, size, and structural differences in the stream and identify blemished, smashed, and discolored products. 
  • Blizzard blueberries sorting

    Ambient subtraction for dark objects, mold, and damage  

    Thanks to its active background, external lighting doesn’t influence the sort and sneaky FM can be removed from the product stream. 
  • Blizzard sorting machine

    Keep the fruit and vegetables - remove the rest 

    The Blizzard ejects stems, stalks, glass, and transparent foil so your line only keeps the desired product in the stream.  

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