Pulses sorting machines

Popular as a healthy source of protein, pulses are now in greater global demand than ever before. And as quantities have increased, so too have expectations of quality. This is why TOMRA’s sorting solutions now handle all types of pulses all around the world.

Every Pulse Counts

  • Foreign materials

    Ensure food safety by removing foreign materials

    TOMRA’s sorters detect and reject foreign materials such as stones, sticks, glass and plastics. This ensures the highest standards of food safety, significantly reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and safeguarding brand reputations.

  • Defects 1

    Consistently achieve the highest quality 

    TOMRA’s state-of-the-art optical sorters make it possible to meet precisely defined product specifications by detecting even the most subtle differences in color, shape, and size. They can also see and remove mud balls and product defects such as mold, green and broken pieces, and sclerotia contamination.

  • cross contamination_1

    Removing products that shouldn’t be there

    Thanks to various technologies, TOMRA’s sorters can detect and eject cross-contamination from product lines at high efficiency. 

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    Data is knowledge and knowledge is power

    Connecting sorters to the TOMRA Insight data platform gives access to live data which helps operators make line adjustments to improve yields. And by analyzing historic data, it’s possible to make better-informed decisions, unlocking further efficiency improvements. 

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