Peanut sorting machines

For processing peanuts - in-shell, raw, blanched, and roasted - TOMRA's sorting machines provide superior detection capabilities with high throughputs. Our optical peanut sorters ensure food safety by removing aflatoxin-contaminated nuts and foreign materials, as well as minimizing good product loss. 
TOMRA peanuts sorting

Every Peanut Counts™

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    An optical sorting technology to remove foreign material

    TOMRA's peanut sorters detect and eject all types of foreign material, including shell, stones, stalks, stems, nutgrass, and Johnsongrass. 
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    Detecting peanut aflatoxin

    With TOMRA's unique technology it is possible to detect and remove aflatoxin-contaminated peanuts.
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    An automated sorting system to enhance profitability 

    By operating with unrivaled accuracy, TOMRA's sorters maximize yields by minimizing the loss of good product.  
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    Wide-ranging benefits 

    TOMRA's sorters reduce labor requirements, increase throughput, raise quality, reduce complaints, and deliver higher yields. 

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