Broccoli sorting solutions

TOMRA's broccoli sorting machines detect and reject discoloration, worms, leaves, florets, and stalks, as well as all kinds of foreign material from chopped broccoli. And at the same time as ensuring consistently high product quality, our sorters handle high volumes while increasing throughput and yields.   

Every Broccoli Counts™

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    Wave goodbye to foreign material

    Metal, plastic, stones, glass, wood? You name it; our broccoli sorters detect and eject it, ensuring your customers' reputations are well protected. 
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    User-friendly and versatile machines

    Though our broccoli sorting equipment solves complex problems, it is easy to use and readily adaptable from broccoli to other vegetables.
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    With the control software's precisely-tailored shape algorithms, our broccoli sorters can identify and remove stems without flowers. 
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    High-quality broccoli

    Subtle discolorations on broccoli kernels can get hidden in the stem's shadows, but our optical sorters' high-contrast LEDs see into these places.

Our broccoli sorting solutions

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