TOMRA identifies how the plastics value chain can reduce plastic waste

The existential threat to oceans and marine life is a good enough reason to cut plastics waste; profitable new business opportunities are another

TOMRA Recycling has published a new eBook, which shares transformational ideas for reducing plastic waste throughout the plastics value chain. The free-to-download publication spotlights how the broader adoption of a circular economy is not only vital for our environment but can also bring new business opportunities.

TOMRA’s latest digital book takes the realistic view that plastic has become irreplaceable in our everyday lives because of its many advantages. Still, action is needed urgently to prevent an exacerbation of the threat plastic waste is already posing to our oceans and marine life. The ebook says that the crux of the matter is what we do with the plastic after use and how plastics re-enter the circular economy. By implementing effective measures in the plastics value chain, we can ensure the long-term health of our economies, communities and environment.

E-Book_Plastic Value Chain_06_2019_Cover

TOMRA’s new eBook identifies many of the actions that need to be taken to prevent environmental catastrophe. Moreover, it flags-up the necessary actions by all key industry stakeholders in the plastics value chain: chemical and plastics manufacturers, consumer goods companies, retailers, consumers, waste management companies, recycling facilities, and legislators.

Beyond the environmental benefits of recycling waste, the eBook observes how positive economic shifts can also be expected. Economies which use once-and-discard models are embracing new business opportunities through the advanced sorting technologies that purify and deliver high-quality recyclates.

To download your copy of the eBook and learn how the plastics value chin can reduce plastic waste and move closer to a circular economy for plastics, please visit