11 November 2023

#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Eddie Kavanagh, Business Development Manager in TOMRA Collection Ireland

As a new deposit return scheme launches in Ireland, meet a member of our local team! Eddie's biggest passion in life is music; he plays percussion in Irish dance shows in his spare time. Growing up in the beautiful landscape of Ireland has also led to a wish to contribute to taking care of our planet, which he now gets to do through his role as a development business manager in TOMRA Collection. 

Who are you and what do you do in TOMRA?

I'm Eddie, I hail from Rathdowney in County Laois, and I am part of the TOMRA Collection Ireland team. At TOMRA, I'm deeply immersed in business development, where I foster growth and cultivate partnerships across the Leinster region on the east coast of Ireland. Beyond the office/car, I'm an avid traveler, musician, photographer and hiking enthusiast. 


What is the most exciting part about your job?

In my role at TOMRA, I find several aspects truly exciting. Firstly, collaborating with exceptional colleagues brings a dynamic energy to every project. Secondly, having the opportunity to contribute positively to my local environment adds a fulfilling dimension to my work. Lastly, the cross-departmental teamwork at TOMRA fuels constant innovation and enhances our ability to meet customer needs effectively. Working alongside colleagues from diverse departments enriches my role, ensuring that we consistently deliver first-class solutions to our customers.

What kind of things do you like doing outside work? 

My biggest passion in life is music; I play percussion in various groups and Irish dance shows. I attend sessions, shows and gigs of all sorts at every opportunity. Besides music, you'll find me exploring new destinations and hiking picturesque trails in all types of weather. Photography also soaks up a substantial amount of time. Visiting my family and all the dogs at home in County Laois often is also very important to me.

Why did you choose to apply for a job in TOMRA?

Well, I love Ireland and I consider myself really lucky to live here. We have magical landscapes, rich history, and vibrant heritage. Living here fills me with gratitude, especially knowing that countless visitors flock to our shores each year. I wish for everyone to experience the breathtaking beauty of Ireland firsthand.

My role at TOMRA allows me to contribute to a cause close to my heart: empowering retailers and organizations with technology that promotes responsible waste management. It's this opportunity to make a tangible difference that drew me to TOMRA in the first place.