TOMRA Food technology

TOMRA Food technology

Our technology offers high effeciency, precision, and speed - working faster than other sorting technologies and wasting fewer resources in the process. We design future-proof solutions to grow with your business and anything your customers may need from you down the line. 

Integrated solutions

We work closely and in partnership with you, our customers, to understand your business and develop technology for your needs.
We believe that reducing waste and costs, improving efficiencies, and eliminating daily operational concerns is key to the future of the food fruit industry.

Our sorting and grading solutions are carefully designed to focus on product preservation and staying ahead of ever-changing market demands. Our grading options are modular and scalable - seamlessly integrating with our other solutions. 

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Operational costs continue to increase, and every little saving makes a difference. 
Our automation works smarter, wastes less, and optimizes your lines to safeguard food safety and ensure consistent product quality.

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