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KATO260 and LUCAi™

The advanced, industry-leading tool powered by artificial intelligence.

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KATO260 takes the selection and optimization of blueberries to the next level. And it can be complemented by LUCAi™ artificial intelligence for even more refined sorting and grading. This technology enables your staff to maximize the performance of your KATO260, provide your customers with the highest quality product, and maximizes your returns by ensuring that Every Berry Counts™.

Key benefits

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    KATO260 handles the fruit gently, with fewer transitions and anti-bruise surfaces, to maximize bloom retention and shelf life. 

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    Versatile and fast

    For sizing in numerous bands or removing defective fruit, KATO260 provides five or seven outlets, sorting at speeds of up to 286 or 572 berries per second. And its sensible footprint minimizes the need for floor-space.

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    Precision selection

    A unique rolling conveyor system singulates and rotates blueberries to inspect 100% of the fruit’s surface. The result is precise detection of color, softness, bruising, decay, dehydration, stems, peeling, and scarring.

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    Return on investment

    With KATO260’s precision controls it’s possible to meet sophisticated grading criteria, optimizing harvested fruit for maximum return. And by improving efficiencies, this machine also reduces labor processing costs.

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