The solution for sorting seed corn

The Zea was designed for sweet and seed corn producers to sort/grade their products to size differences and customer specs. Its low-cost ownership is ideal for boosting efficiency and improving quality while reducing costs. When capacity, husk, and defect sorts are critical, the Zea is the one to count on.

Key benefits

  • TOMRA seed corn sorting

    Multiple configurations to fit your needs

    Top-mounted combined color and NIR (Near Infra-Red) optical sensors scanning the surface of each individual item 'in flight' allow for an unobstructed view of the product and a high capacity sort. 

  • TOMRA seed corn sorting

    Gentle Product Handling Assured by design

    The first grade produce gently passes through the machine while the second and third grades are redirected into individual streams by intelligent paddle ejectors with precision and accuracy.

  • TOMRA seed corn sorting

    Color vision + Near Infra-Red sensors

    The color vision analyzes for size, shape, and color, and NIR sensors analyze gross defects and foreign materials and remove them with our unique 3-way rejector. 

  • Corn-Key_Benefits-1

    Low Maintenance = Less Work

    When working seed and sweet corn, our easy-to-install sorters unrivaled husk and defect removal bring significant labor reductions and help you get more from less.

  • TOMRA seed corn sorting

    Designed with user experience in mind

    The intuitive user interface is available in multiple languages and enables operators to make changes and achieve the desired performance and production volumes. 

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