Rotofiller dry bin filler

This comprehensive and gentle dry bin filling solution is for delicate fruit at high throughput levels

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The Rotofiller’s infeed belt and optimized geometry are designed for the gentle bin filling of delicate fruit in bulk at high levels of throughput.

Key benefits

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    A range of options

    Rotofiller is offered as a fully automatic bin filler, automatic swing-over dual bin filler, and simple single bin filler, with standard and soft heads for fruit up to 125mm diameter and a large head for up to 170mm.

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    Gentleness designed-in

    A wide (670mm) infeed belt, plus a variable speed-drive option, ensure the gentlest product handling by achieving the same throughput (4 to 15 bins per hour) at lower belt speeds.

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    No manual intervention

    This is a self-contained unit with “Set and Forget” operation which requires no operator intervention.

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    Other practical advantages

    Compatible with most industry bin sizes, the Rotofiller comes with an integrated pooling conveyor as standard. And its compact footprint delivers high throughput from a small floor area.

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