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Manual and semi-automatic packing products

Make manual packing easier and more efficient with our industry-standard products and accessories.

For manual and semi-automatic packing, our products offer the full solution: rotary packing tables, and tray, box, and bin fillers.

Key benefits

  • rotary packing table

    Rotary packing tables

    Our rotary tables are equipped with sensors to detect how full the table is, eliminating the overfilling which damages produce. Outlet displays show pack and grade information to workers at the station. 

  • tray filling

    Tray Filler

    Our tray filler moves fruit efficiently and gently from a cross-conveyor into trays. Height adjustable, the filler can accommodate different tray sizes, small boxes, or cartons. 

  • station box filler

    Station Box Filler

    This accurate, high-volume filler accommodates a variety of box sizes and weights.

  • Fine fill box filler

    Fine Fill Box Filler

    Another accurate, high-volume box filler for a variety of box sizes and weights – but this one is semi-automatic and can be integrated into line control and box printer options.

  • Bin Filler

    Bin Filler

    We offer a full range of manual and automatic units to fill bins gently and smoothly. A sensor controls the level of fruit in the bin. 

  • TOMRA 3 tier packing table

    3 Tier Pack Table

    Our 3 Tier Pack Table is designed to help pack finished product into trays. The top tier is used to store packing boxes while the center belt conveys punnets from packing machines. The lower conveyor transports packed boxes to the end for pallet stacking. Available in 3.6 m (12 ft) or 4.5 m (15 ft) lengths.

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