CURO filling system

For consistent, high-speed filling of punnets, cups, clamshells, or boxes at target weights and across multiple commodities

CURO is easily integrated with TOMRA’s sorting and grading solutions, and customers can use multiple CUROs in one turnkey line. This makes it possible to simultaneously pack different grades for different markets. The system is suitable for cherries, blueberries, and tomatoes.

Key benefits

  • CURO 1


    CURO can be switched easily between packing options, without tools and in less than five minutes. It fills any clamshell size from 125gm (4.4 oz.) to 5kg (11lb) and is available with 2, 8, 12, or 16 filling stations.

  • CURO 2

    Gentle handling

    To handle fruit gently, this system has anti-bruise surfaces and minimal transitions between hopper and conveyor. This design preserves the product surface and keeps the fruit bloom intact.

  • CURO 3

    Fast filling

    With precision filling control, short stroke clamshell denesting, and stop assist for rapid clamshell belt deceleration, our fastest filling system can consistently pack up to 160 clamshells per minute.

  • CURO 4

    Easy to operate

    The CURO’s wide touchscreen has intuitive, simple controls. Requirements such as clamshell type and target weight can be changed with the touch of a button.

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