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Color Sorter

Suitable for small fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, cherries, and olives, the Color Sorter maximizes packhouse potential by combining high speed with accuracy, versatility, and intelligent traceability. Accurate defect detection enables packers to make grade even in difficult fruit conditions.

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Key benefits

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    Gentle and fast

    The Color Sorter minimizes fruit contact and runs at high speeds of up to 120kg (265lb) per minute.

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    Accurate defect detection

    Sensors see color differences to detect a wide range of defects, including fruit that’s over-ripe, diseased, bird-pecked, and decayed. High sorting accuracy of up to 95% reduces loss of saleable product.

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    Provides traceability

    This sorter can be combined with the FreshTracker management system to access real time packing information and maximize operating potential with quick and simple adjustments between sizes.

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    Easy to clean

    The Color Sorter is designed for easy cleaning and built of stainless steel.

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