TOMRA sorting solutions for recycling industry at Residuos Expo 2021

TOMRA, a global leader in sensor-based sorting technology and a front-runner in the circular economy is the Gold Sponsor of Residuos Expo 2021, due to take place in expo Guadalajara Mexico from November 10-12. With more than 50 years of experience in circular waste management, TOMRA advances the industry and has more than 7,400 sorting systems installed in more than 100 countries.
residuos expo 2021
The Norwegian company provides state-of-the-art sorting equipment that recovers valuable, recyclable materials from various waste streams and thus significantly optimizes recycling and resource recovery operations. Combining its extensive application and industry knowledge with in-house technology manufacturing, TOMRA offers first-hand sorting equipment solutions. Its commitment to enabling greater resource responsibility and accelerating the transition to a circular economy, as well as its passion for innovative, market-leading solutions for current and future recycling challenges, made it sponsor and participate in the event.

"Undoubtedly, TOMRA's participation in Residuos Expo enriches the supply offer for our visitors, who are looking for automated solutions that help to optimize waste management in Mexico and Latin America. Residuos Expo provides the respective platform and brings together the professionals of the sector to discuss possible approaches”, said Jorge Arizmendi, Director of Residuos Expo 2021.

The 5th edition of Residuos Expo welcomes recyclers who are looking for technology, machinery, products, and services to optimize their waste management processes, as well as private and governmental executives from leading companies in the industry.

 The event provides the ideal platform to exchange expertise and use synergies to jointly find solutions for a sustainable material collection, handling, recovery, and recycling.

This international exhibition for waste management and transformation will be held in Guadalajara’s fair ground in both a physical and digital format and respect the respective sanitary measures. Since its previous versions, it promises to be an enriching event not only for the industry but also for the improvement of the country's ecosystem and environmental situation.

The focus of the fair is a response to the countries increasing waste generation. INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografia) estimates that every day each Mexican generates 865g of waste that amounts to 107.055.547 kg of waste per day in Mexico. Only 12.1% of the total amount of municipal solid waste is recovered.

Julio Barrientos, Recycling Sales Manager in Mexico at TOMRA, commented: "TOMRA's commitment to the recycling industry in the country is highlighted by its sponsorship and presence at important events such as Expo Residuos 2021. TOMRA's philosophy focuses on achieving a global circular economy through the latest sorting technology that feature high-resolution sensors with up to 320,000 scan points per second, color detection cameras and laser or near infrared (NIR) technology. The benefits for our customers are apparent: our machines deliver unsurpassed purity levels and constantly high performances, regardless of the sorting task. Customers using our machines profit from high sensor resolution and particle detection for a more precise sorting. In the end, high purity levels can be achieved.”
residuos expo 2021

During the event, participants will learn about the company’s innovative solutions and receive an overview of the technological equipment that TOMRA has developed the previous years and for different applications, including complementary tools for maintenance and its service offering called

TOMRA's innovative mindset and commitment to the environment makes it invest and develop even more pioneering technologies, enter new markets and create new business models, consolidating it as a leading company in the industry that does not lose sight of its commitment and vocation to care for the environment at a global level.

Make sure you meet TOMRA’s team at Expo Guadalajara booth 2100.