14 May 2024

#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Fabian, Market development manager

Fabian Faltin is a steady hand in the dynamic world of market development and thrives on the delicate balance between strategy and spontaneity. As a Market Development Manager at TOMRA Collection Germany, his days are a symphony of meticulous planning, collaborative problem-solving, and swift decision-making. Beyond the office, Fabian’s passions extend to the simple joys of family life. When he’s not shaping TOMRA’s future, you’ll find him hiking through the woods, venturing into the mountains, or perfecting the art of barbecuing with friends.

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Who are you and what do you do in TOMRA?

My name is Fabian Faltin, and I work as a Market Development Manager for TOMRA Systems GmbH in Germany.

What is the most exciting part about your job?

What excites me most about my work is the ever-changing landscape, no two days are alike. Collaborating with great colleagues, we navigate our market’s complexities, seeking optimal solutions. Sometimes, we address long-term strategic challenges; other times, we swiftly respond to urgent requirements. The joy lies in working alongside the right people, crafting effective solutions that propel us forward. 


Why did you choose to apply for a job in TOMRA?

Initially, TOMRA wasn’t a company I was familiar with. However, the job description caught my eye; it was intriguing and presented a challenge that I was eager to tackle. As I progressed through the application process, I realized what an incredible range of great things TOMRA actually does, and my desire to become part of the company grew from interview to interview.

What do you do when you are not working?

In November 2023, I become a dad for the second time, and we also took the exciting step of purchasing a new home. These days, my time is split between cherishing the time with my family and preparing our house for us to settle in. When we're not preparing the house, my family and I love hiking in the woods around our hometown or venturing into the mountains. Apart from that, I have a love for movies and the art of barbecuing, which is always best enjoyed with friends.

Could you share a project or endeavor that stands out as a highlight in your career at TOMRA, one that you feel particularly proud of?

I would say being part of the product development for the new multi-feed reverse vending machine TOMRA R2 stands out. Collaborating with my colleagues in Asker to uncover and establish the German market’s needs was an exciting experience. Witnessing the evolution of a concept into a fantastic product has been really rewarding. I am eagerly anticipating the moment we introduce it to our customers in Germany and observe the excitement it generates—much like watching our “baby” take its first steps.