10 June 2024

#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Paul Fabiano, General Manager at TOMRA France Collection

Step into the world of TOMRA Collection France’s General Manager Paul Fabiano, a surfer and environmentalist. He skillfully aligns TOMRA’s innovative technologies with the French market’s specific needs, all while combating plastic pollution—a cause close to his heart. It’s the vibrant culture and shared commitment to sustainability at TOMRA that he finds most fulfilling, creating an atmosphere where everyone is motivated to contribute to reducing waste and litter.  

What do you do in TOMRA?

I am the General Manager of TOMRA Collection France, and I also oversee our technological advancements from our office in the bustling city of Paris. Our journey began as a local distributor for TOMRA, and after three years, we proudly integrated into the TOMRA family in 2021. One of my key roles is to make sure TOMRA’s technology is adapted to France needs which  does not currently have a deposit return scheme for drink containers.

What do you like most about working in TOMRA?

I love that TOMRA’s mission aligns with my own values. Every day at work feels meaningful because I’m contributing to the greater good. As a surfer who cares about the environment, I witness the impact of plastic waste in the sea firsthand. So, working at TOMRA enables me to tackle this issue every day.

What surprised you the most about TOMRA?

What amazes me most is that everyone within the company is so engaged in our common project to reduce waste and littering. I am also thrilled to work with open-minded and caring people. TOMRA’s unique culture really empowers me to do my best every single day.  

What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

Ever since I turned ten years old, I’ve been surfing in the south west of France. Whenever I’m on holiday, I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate surfing spots! Besides riding the waves, I enjoy playing tennis quite regularly, and occasionally, I hit the court with my colleagues who make great partners in the game!